Everyone is doing webinars in this quarantine period. But it doesn’t mean all were getting leads like signing up or buying their services, products or any other stuff.

You have also registered for a few of the webinars. It doesn’t mean you have attended. Even though if you’ve attended the webinars, it doesn’t mean you’ll purchase their services. The reason is less conversion rate.

Even though if your webinar has some thousands of attendees, only some will go to the purchase step. Those were the quality leads.  So, if you want more such quality leads, you should pay attention to every step and every detail you share in your webinar that helps you convert to leads.

Keep reading to know the statistics on generating leads using webinars.

Webinar Lead Generation Statistics

1. Create a profile of your ideal audience

The first step is creating a profile of your audience. But how to get webinar attendees? Whom do you want to register for your webinars? The answer is you should create buyer personas. In simple terms, it is a profile containing the characteristics of your ideal buyer. This helps in inviting and attracting attendees who are not only interested in the webinars alone but also in purchasing your products or services.

2. Create an engaging content that speaks to potential buyers.

3. Promote your webinar in each possible way

You should make efforts to promote and publicize your webinars in order to reach your ideal audience. We recommend you to follow these

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Partner with an influencer
  • Paid advertising

4. Develop a lead scoring model

When scoring webinar leads, take these important factors into consideration:

  • Registration data
  • Behavioural data
  • Miscellaneous data

If you already have lead scoring in place, consider implementing a lead scoring system specific to webinar attendees.

5. Followup with your attendees

We all know that not every webinar lead will be ready to buy after each live event. In fact, it’s likely that some people who have registered before won’t even attend your webinar. For this reason, you must develop post-webinar promotion tactics to engage and nurture unqualified leads.

Finally, send out an followup email thanking your audience to participate in the webinar. You can also use this email to collect feedback or share any queries about the webinar.

Tips to create Webinars that convert

  1. Assume your audience is smarter than you think.
  2. Promote your webinar on every social channel possible.
  3. Create a hashtag for your webinar and tweet from that.
  4. Send a reminder email few days before the webinar.
  5. Display a poll during the webinar or simply ask the audience questions or ask their opinions to keep them engaged.
  6. Take regular breaks asking for inputs from your audience.
  7. Find out what concerns your visitors and address them in your webinar.

So, next time you launch one, just consider these webinar lead generation statistics.