We learned an important lesson from Covid19.

The lesson is: The impossible is indefinite. The pandemic, the natural disaster (Desert Locust Migration) one strike hits after the next right now, and what else may come to us is unlimited and completely unpredictable.

At the same time, we are learning: The possible is in our hands! We decide what is possible, which we find ourselves. We are reacting. Adapting. Making necessary changes, all the time. Because we can!

Right now, the Coronavirus is hitting us very hard, Yes. But with its grand entrance, it is also opening up a grand choice for us. Like never before, we now suddenly have a free choice to define ourselves. Maybe a life that will carry on in a way that this pandemic teaches us to live, beyond the times of Covid-19.

Corona virus talks

In challenging times, the ability to come together and adapt will survive.

General Talks about Covid-19

The current situation is giving us no choice but to do this! Luckily, The question is, whether we will adapt.

Doing what’s asked of us is certainly uncomfortable right now. But our experience has taught us: once we’ve adapted, the wristband will not scratch anymore. We will not even feel it anymore. And at that point, possibly we are not even going to want our old lives back.

Covid 19 treatment

When we talk about Covid-19, we talk about social distancing and death and antivirals and vaccines and food chains and migration; these are all important, but when the crisis is passed, maybe we need to talk about a connection to the future we want to build for our lives. We are living our lifetime under constant “stress” and increasing conflict in a world. Now we have the opportunity to change our lives in a way so we can live.