We’re all using WhatsApp web on our personal computers or laptops for sending messages, sharing any files or images. When it comes to make a call, we need to grab the phone which we threw into a corner to avoid the distractions. But this is going to be changed. Yes, you read that right. The messaging giant, WhatsApp to launch voice and video calls soon in its web version.

In the below sections, you can learn How to make WhatsApp video calls on Desktop? How the window is going to look like and other updates in their beta stage. So, check out the entire article.

WhatsApp New Feature: Video and Audio Calls from WhatsApp web

Nowadays people were highly dependent on WhatsApp from their official group conversations/ meetings to weekend chatting with friends or family. With 1.5 billion active users all over the world, WhatsApp also rolls out new features frequently to make the user-experience much livelier.

WhatsApp web is one of the most widely used platforms as it has changed the way we interact with our friends, colleagues and family with the comfort of not having to pick up the phone every time a message is popped up or to send a message.

Now the messaging app is working on a new update to enable voice and video calls on the web under WhatsApp Web 2.2043.7 update. That means, if this was implemented, users can make calls from the web app itself as they are doing in their mobiles. As this new feature is under development, it will be available in the coming weeks only. So, we have to wait for some time.

Here’s the Twitter post of WABetaInfo where they mentioned about this new update – WhatsApp Web now lets you make voice and video calls – will be out soon.

Hence with these new additions, the Facebook-owned platform, WhatsApp will become a great alternative for trending apps like Zoom, Skype and even Google Duo.

So, from now, If someone asks you “Can calls be made from WhatsApp Web?” You’ll simply say yes in the coming future after this new update hits the web version, both voice and video calls are possible from our laptops or desktops.

WhatsApp Trick: Here is How to make Voice and Video calls from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo shared that the platform is working on to bring voice and video calls to the web/ desktop client with the version 2.2043.7. As this new update is currently in beta stage, WABetaInfo has tested and shared some screenshots. So, when it is implemented, we will have voice and video call icons, a prompt for incoming calls and a call manager window in the new UI.

As per the report, when the users receive a call from WhatsApp web, a prompt window will be presented with accept and decline options as shown under. So, we can accept or decline the calls, the same way, we do on our mobiles.

WhatsApp web incoming call prompt

Image credit: WABetaInfo

When the users call someone using the web version of WhatsApp, another type of window (smaller one) will be presented with just the status of the call. There will also be an option to mute the microphone if required.

WhatsApp web call status

Image credit: WABetaInfo

The source says that Group voice and video calls were also included in this update but the screenshots were not available.

Now you got an idea about How to make WhatsApp video calls on Desktop or Laptop?

WhatsApp Multi Device Support

WhatsApp is also planning to launch multi device support through which the users can use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. We can expect this feature too soon. But once it was updated, there will be no need to connect from your phone. You can directly use the app from that particular device.

With the current pandemic, millions of people were working from home. This WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls on web version will be more helpful as it will provide better connectivity. So, once this voice and video calling feature has hit the web version, users do not have to switch back and forth between desktops or laptops and mobile phones.

We will keep an eye out on this WhatsApp for desktop new update and will inform when it will be available to everyone.