Tomato Paints

Big Foxx Branding & Technology has created the brand identity & package design for the new line of paint product launched by Kumar Paints Industries headquartered at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. As a company, they are aggressively growing in the regional market for the past 20 years & are focusing to grow into other South Indian states in the next five years. They are currently launching a new line of products targeting price-conscious mid-level consumer market. Tomato is one of the new paint product launched by Kumar Paint Industries.

Logo Inspirations

The brand name Tomato targets health-conscious people who prefer paints which protects them from dust & germs. Tomato gives a natural, healthy and bright illustration that has taken its part in our everyday lives. So we intend to create the paint brand “Tomato” which provides a colorful and healthy life to the people.



Logo Construction

Color Combination